Flight Instructor (FI)

Aim of the Course
The aim of the Flight Instructor Course is to provide the candidate with the ability to instruct a student to the level required for the issue of a license.

Syllabus of the Course
Theoretical Knowledge : 125 hours
Flying Training : 31.5 hours
Duration of the Course : 14 weeks

Structure of the Course
The FI (H) course is a full time training program, the student instructors practice the planning of Class room lesson periods and develop their ability to give short and long briefings. During this phase the student instructor will be taught to demonstrate and to evaluate all of the exercises from the right hand seat.

Entry Requirements

  • A valid UAE GCAA CPL or ATPL
  • A valid UAE GCAA Class 1 Medical
  • Proficiency in English is expected - ICAO Level 3 before commencing the course and ICAO Level 4 at license issue
  • Have completed at least 250 hours of helicopter flight time of which:
    • at least 100 hours shall be as pilot in-command if holding an ATPL(H) or a CPL(H) or
    • at least 200 hours as pilot-in command of helicopters, if holding a PPL(H)
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